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A top-of-the-line quote and charting software featuring a complete information package – quotes, graphics, weather, news and more!

QT Platinum offers you

  • Real-time streaming quotes
  • A multitude of charting tools and options
  • All month option monitors
  • Delayed equity price quotes & synthetic spread quotes
  • User-defined option volatility inputs
  • Price ladders
  • Advanced option monitor with Greeks & option calendar
  • Daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly historical charts
  • Option quote & option strike price charts
  • Both World Weather & QT Weather services
  • Instant market news and government reports
  • Data links to Excel

QT platinum brings you an array of advanced and customizable features and options – It’s the most comprehensive platform for the active trader!

Try out our platform and see for yourself.
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QT Mobile Edition: Get your QT Platform on your mobile phone!

AMI: Audio Market Information. Immediate communication with multiple people at the touch of a button.

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